Travel With Covid – The New Normal!

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October 25, 2021

So, we are grappling with a situation never thought of before and never expected to happen. We are in the midst of a pandemic in which people cannot be with each other, shake hands with each other, hug each other or travel together or alone to a place of one’s choice. It is a Catch-22 situation for most people who love to travel. Majority of them have not moved out of the house at all, even for plain groceries, what with webservice helping us do such simple tasks as well. Travellers, nature lovers, wildlifers, photographers, have been the most affected since they have had to compromise on their travel plans and be at home.

Yes, being at home has had its own benefits. People have realised that there is quite a lot that can be done when at home like observing nature and its many aspects which one tends to take for granted and ignore, window birding, drawing, sketching birds and flowers, photography of many genres – food, skies, window wildlife, abstract, observing the kind of plants are present around their residence and many others. It has helped many to persuade their interests and hobbies through the many courses available online. Many have become home nature lovers and for many it has been a respite to be at home after a long time.  

However the travel and tourism industry has been affected badly. Wildlife tourism, Adventure Tourism, Religious Tourism…all kinds of travel and tourism has had to stop.

Beautiful morning rays in a forest

It is true that lot of things changed. Where the covid situation has had some negative effects on human beings, it has been positive for the plants and animals. Social distancing has affected humans mentally while the wildlife has been able to experience a good change – purer air, purer water, lesser noise, no cacophony, no disturbance, lesser exploitation leading to less fear – due to the lack of human activity around them.

Though things are changing now. Since cases have started reducing in many parts of the world, travel industry is slowly opening up and inviting guests on different routes with promises of care on safety and experience. Travel and Hospitality Industry are ready to provide a safe environment so travellers can enjoy their travel with absolute confidence.

It has become imperative to get into a natural space and experience the peace and joy of connecting with nature. The greens have always been therapeutic for us all, hence the need to be in nature is ever so necessary. Therapists world over have always suggested that any person who is stressed out or not at peace should move out into nature to reduce stress. Yoga teaches us to observe nature and be one with each being in nature, so one can attain long-lasting peace. It has been observed that people have always wanted to travel to new places in search of joy and happiness. Travelling and nature is an aspect of life that we hang onto, in our moments of crises.

But being cautious of travelling and taking precautions for covid is going to be the new normal, which will help us to get back to normal. It is important to gauge the situation and follow all guidelines so neither does one get infected nor does it spread.  

Till the time we start travelling away from our safe zones, we wish you a blissful stay at home and happy local travelling and window birding as well as best experimental photography that you can try:-)

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